Danscans Wonderful Wendy
♀ tan/white
Danscans Frederik
X Danscans Mary
SUKI flew in from Sweden. I could not imagine a more ideal Parson. She's extremely calm, well behaved and non-problematic. With us she traveled over a large part of Europe, she also knows no fear in a plane, privately or for various shows. Much more than learning she likes to cuddle and if she's allowed on the couch in the eve, her day is perfect.
Suki's health results: HD, Patella - BP, eyes - clear, PLL-DNA clear through parentage, BEAR + / +, perfect scissor bite. At shows she got 3x CACIB and the title Slovenian Winner.
Her sire is Multi CH & WW 2009 Danscans Frederik, he's also very successful with his young handler at Junior Handling.
Sukis dam is INTuCH NORDuCH JEUV-06 Danscans Mary, a wonderful white girl, who is, just like Suki, a devoted mom and wonderful family dog.